The Neighbourhoods of Mount Pleasant

Brampton Northwest Brampton Developments Inc.

Phases: Four (4)
Area: 338 acres
# of Units: 1,800+

Currently developing residential development in Brampton. This project is located within the Mount Pleasant Block 51 Secondary Plan Area. The secondary plan is bounded by Mayfield Road (north), Bovaird Drive (south), Mississauga Road (West) and the existing community of Fletcher’s Meadow (east). Planning for the area began in 2004, with a vision of creating a transit-oriented environmentally sustainable community. 

Melrose Investments is managing the development of about 338 acres of land within the Mount Pleasant Secondary Plan.

The defining feature of the Neighbourhoods of Mount Pleasant will be the enhanced Natural Heritage System which totals about 360 acres of land across the whole Secondary Plan

This development will have everything a complete community needs: natural and built heritage; parkland and open space; a network of trails and paths; retail and commercial; schools; and places of worship.